About Us

Who We Are

Clear Creek Lending grew out of what we saw as consumers’ need for a midsized loan with easy to understand terms. Our installment loans are calculated using simple interest. If you want to pay it off early, you can with no penalty.

As a member of the Community Financial Education Foundation, we are dedicated to responsible lending and educating consumers on debt management.

What We Do

Clear Creek Lending provides a fast and convenient way for consumers to get a loan when they need it. Funds are deposited directly into the borrower’s account, usually in one business day. Payments are scheduled to be made through an automatic withdrawal on the same day, every month.

  • Quick and Easy Application – Our application takes just a few minutes to fill out
  • Fast Approval – Our proprietary software takes less than a minute to determine eligibility
  • You’ve Got Cash Deposited – directly into your bank account by the next business day
  • No Hassle – No credit check required, no collateral



The Online Lenders Alliance is a professional trade organization representing the growing industry of U.S. based companies offering online loans. Its mission includes:

  • Advising member companies on industry standards, best practices and legislative and regulatory issues on both the State and Federal levels.
  • Educating consumers about the online lending industry and its practices.
  • Providing resources including credit counseling; and serving as a resource for policy makers at both State and Federal levels.

The Community Financial Education Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating people about personal finance. It provides assistance, outreach and information every consumer needs.

The Native American Financial Services Association is dedicated to advocating for Native American sovereign rights and enabling tribes to offer responsible online lending products. We aim to provide as many resources as possible to facilitate this process.

The Consumer Rights Coalition is a consumer-based organization dedicated to ensuring people have access to all forms of credit.

The research speaks for itself. Sovereign nations need more economic development opportunity and Americans need better alternative financial solutions.